Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Resources for Writers & Readers too.

So I'm a writer, by now we've all figured that one out. So, I was thinking as I sat down to begin my day's writing, that maybe I should post here a whole bunch of helpful sites I've stumbled across lately and save some of the potential writers out there the struggle of searching for them.

Not every site will be a godsend for every writer, but no doubt there'll be something here that'll appeal. So, hang on and check it out. Lots of sites below.

Brush up your grammar skills. Pretty self-evident, that one.

Big Huge Thesaurus -- even offers story plot and blog post ideas.

Writers are readers too. Want to find extensive lists of great books? Check out Flashlight Worthy Books for handpicked book recommendations on hundreds of topics. For writers he recommends ten great books on writing, 33 of the best books about writing fiction, and too cool is books for the word lover. Check out the flashlight worthy book recommendations for some great reads. This site is the site owner's labor of love.

Check out the National Writer's Union.

Here's a blog with tips for young writers.

This one is fun. A random story idea generator. Amusing for writers - and it could be helpful - at least it stirs the thought process.

Here's a How Stuff Works site on health. Great writer fodder.

A Dictionary, Thesaurus & word finder.

Free submission tracking software for writers. See if it's good for you.

A truly huge information resource site, a great place for authors to find information on almost anything.

Generate names, etc. at Seventh Sanctum.

Need a little help on a character's psychological motivation?

Unsent letter blog - Interesting blog - might be good source for future story ideas.

How about a radio station for writers created by writers?

Another cool reference site for writers - answering questions since 1938, they're online now.

That's it for this round, no doubt one day soon there'll be another. Hope you've found something helpful.

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