Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Dreams –Not The Night Time Kind

          Do you have dreams? Not the kind you have at night while snoozing away, but real dreams. And I’m not talking about daydreams or fantasies. Not those thoughts about something you probably will never do or be like a multi-national CEO with a multi-million dollar golden parachute, or playing for a pro ball team, or being the first man/woman on Mars (though if those are your actual real goals and dreams, go for it!).

          Most of us have those fantasies and far-away dreams at times.

          But what I’m talking about is those dreams of how great life can be, dreams that keep you striving and moving forward.

          As kids many times anything seems possible. With the vitality of youth they visualize the future, a great and shining place where they accomplish what they dream, but somewhere along the line all of us seem to lose that ability and we narrow our focus to our jobs, our responsibilities, what’s expected of us.

          But it doesn’t have to be that way. The dreams we dreamed as kids are still alive and the universe hasn’t changed that much so they’re still dreams that can be realized. They’re within the realm of possibility. Sometimes we have to realize that we can get so busy doing what he need to, making a living, that the dreams shut down.

          Am I a ‘dreamer’?  Yes, in that I never stop moving forward, never stop thinking about what I want to accomplish next.

          This is life folks. We aren’t just all marking time waiting for it to start. It doesn’t matter your age. Life needs to be greeted as an exciting adventure. The path you choose, something that feeds heart, soul and mind.

          I don’t have to write a tome on this to inspire you do I? Just suggest that now might be the right time for you to think about all those dreams. To sort through them, to find your place and really live life.

          I happen to be a writer. It’s what propels me forward. 

          Maybe you love it as well, or maybe you want to be an architect like Frank Lloyd Wright, or a famous brain surgeon, or someone who makes a difference in the greening of the planet. Or maybe you want to pursue any of thousands of  inspiring dreams.

          Look inside and take a step in the direction of those dreams.

          Do it now.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Planet Of The Eggs - Book and T Shirt Giveaway Sept. 22 to 25

Work is progressing quickly on Planet of The Eggs comic series' newest title, Grimoire: Book of Spells! The new Kindle Comic will release in October, 2015.

Meanwhile we're hosting a giveaway of the first in the comic series, Cracked Open, a Kindle edition comic with accompanying cool T Shirt pictured above! 

MARK YOUR CALENDAR! The giveaway runs from Sept. 22 to Sept. 25.

All you have to do is go to the Facebook page, like it, and click on the giveaway tab to find easy ways to enter - again and again if you like! Be sure to tell your friends and enter.

There are lots of other cool T Shirts at skreened.  Check 'em out and comment on your favorite or give suggestions as to what character you'd like to see on a shirt next!

Why are you still reading?  Go, go!  

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Writers and Readers Websites Wednesday - Kindle Reader!

A friend told me today she didn't know you could download an app that allows you to read Kindle books on a PC.  Well, there is, for those of you who didn't know. 

So, yes there is and here it is. and of course if you poke around a bit you 'll also find apps for all sorts of mobile devices. 


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ah, The Writer's Life

Every once in a while I like to just ramble and muse about how writing is the pivotal point of my life and how it affects pretty much everything.  There are many things I write about individually, extrapolating and using one thing or another in an attempt to provide guidance to other writers or just give some of my writer friends a smile.

Today is one of those rambling days. Yep, I’m busy working on Planet Of The Eggs comic series and it’s coming along very well, thanks.

Even have a Facebook fan page  – go on over and like it. Keep abreast of what’s happening in Egg world. And don’t forget to tell us which egg is your favorite (we have warriors, scientist, librarian, water hound and medic) and where you might like to see our eggs travel next.

The goal is to put out one adventure per month in this fun comic series. So, here’s the rambling part. If I worked a regular job I’d probably have some time off when I want to take a bit of a break as I’m planning on in September when my husband and I are going to celebrate our anniversary with a few days away. But I don’t have that job. I’m a writer. That being the case I have to plan differently. Yep, I’m working harder and faster now to gain some ground so I don’t fall too behind while I’m off having fun. No paid leave for me. And no matter how I work it or plan it, I know when I get back I’ll feel overwhelmed and like I’ve fallen behind, which I will no doubt have done.

But you know what, none of that matters because I love what I do and sadly, there are many who don’t even like what they do.

But that’s not all. In my musings I give thought to those projects which I’ve put on hold while I work on Planet Of The Eggs. And yes, I’ll get back to them, and yes, fortunately since they’re already on hold they don’t add any pressure to my already slightly overloaded schedule. And that’s another thing. 

The schedule, because I’m a writer and work for myself, is my own. I set it. Mostly (unless there’s a publishing deadline set by another) I set my own deadlines. But I’m a very stern task-master. So those projects I’ve consciously put on hold are still at the back of my mind while I work to meet current deadlines I've set.

One is a paranormal romance beneath the sea that’s about three-quarters done and needs to be finished. I’ll have to re-read the whole thing before resuming work on that one. Then there’s the screen script I’ve barely begun to adapt to novel format. I want it to exist both ways. Probably be a Kindle release when I get that done. There are a few others, but I’ll leave it at that for now.

What it all boils down to is to be a writer one needs discipline, schedule and the occasional break. Yep, there’s another one planned in December. And do I take weekends like a regular person wo works a regular job? Yes, mostly I do. I have a husband and he kind of likes to spend time with me as I do with him. Schedule, remember? He’s very understanding if I do have a deadline and need to work just as I’d understand if he had to put in some overtime. But mostly, I admit, my life is fairly structured. 

For professional writers I highly recommend it. Yes, there is that myth that writers work when the muse strikes. Not true for the writers I know. They ‘go t work’ each day. They may have the freedom to schedule their hours differently than some, but they do schedule.

Think about it.

And while you do I think I’ll just go off and muse on what I need to get done a bit more. Organization. What comes next.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Books are a Uniquely Portable Magic

“Books are a uniquely portable magic” – Stephen King

Think so readers and writers? He does. So do I.

I don’t think there could be much of a debate about that statement. Any avid reader can tell you the same. Books, whether they be the ‘old-fashioned’ print book you tote along with you on the subway, plane, bus or doctor’s office, or an electronic reader that you can tote to the same places, they’re like portable worlds.

They’re a place where you can lose yourself for a few minutes or a few hours in a world not at all like the one you live in every day.  Fine literature, Thrillers, Science Fiction, Western, Romance or some hybrid genre – it doesn’t matter. There’s magic in the well- written book that draws the reader in for a new and exciting adventure.

Reading only adds to our own world. Feel sympathy for those who don’t venture between the covers of a book for they don’t know what they’re missing.
Fiction entertains and enlightens. Non-fiction informs and educates. If those two things are a type of magic, I don’t know what is.

So thank you Mr. King for that simple and basic truth.

Now go adventuring – reading or writing or both.  You never know what you’ll discover or what world you might be drawn into.

Magic awaits.

Oh, and what's with the Dragon? Check out Planet Of The Eggs - the new comic series - issue 2 - Grimoire: The Book of Spells coming soon! 

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