Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why Not a Conglomeration of Writers' Resources?

Why not indeed?  In my travels on the web for research for my writing and just for fun, I come across quite a lot of resources writers can use.  Some are fantastic, great, and serious, others are at time humorous, yet helpful as well. 

So I decided this blog should consist of a merry mix of interesting, helpful and sometimes strange resources I've come across that writers can use.

For starters there's  It's a large writing prompts website offering hundreds of writing ideas.  Run your cursor over the  numbers there and see what you get.  It should stir up your muse.

If you're looking for a grant or a residency or a fellowship or the like for your writing, visit Mira's List.  Lots of resources there.  Nice and up to date as well.

Then there is the Awesome Foundation who gives out grants for well, awesomenesss. $1,000.00 in fact.  If you're planning on something Awesome visit this site and see if you can click with one of their monthly awards.  Maybe you can get a grant to help your awesome writing.

If you're interested in where the "Ebook reader" plus computer is heading check out the enTourage.  It ain't cheap, but we can hope it gets more economical.  In the meantime its fun to see what 's coming up. Whether folks like it or not there's going to be a large market for Ebooks when these readers settle in.

This is certainly a random sampling of helpful sites I've discovered on my travels, so let's keep it more random - as in how about a random tile generator?  Can't think of a title for your book or article, try this site: 

Cover art by Linda Hunsaker 

Don't have enough problems of your own for your characters in the book or short story you're writing?  Then visit the Everyday Problem Generator and get creative.  You might visit the main Archetype Writing website where there's in-depth info on psychology for use on your characters and more.

Another helpful site for writers is the Creative Writing Widgets site.  It offers creative writing games and more resources similar to the above.

Here's a great site, Write or Die.   Used to be free, but now is $10.00.  It eggs you on to write, gives you a time limit and has 'consequences' if you fail in you goal.  A fun and strange way to give yourself a kick in the pants and ge moving writing. If you have an extra $10.00 it can be fun.

Here's a free open source desktop publishing resource by Scribus.


Need some calendar pages - need them to be the way you want, and blank so you can do all the filling in?  Try Printable Calendars - they're free.

And here's a large site that provides 50 Free Resources to Improve Your Writing Skills.

Now, if all t his doesn't keep you busy I don't know what will.  But, never fear, down the road I'll do another post with more stuff to help.  Post a comment below and let me know if any of this was of help to you!

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