Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Writers Websites Wednesday - Screenwriting; The Hero's Journey

Screenwriting: The Hero's Journey  Okay right up front I'm going to tell you if you get enthused by this site it could cost you if you buy the Complete Hero's Journey for about $199 US.  On the other hand there's quite a lot of great info right in your face for free.  A couple of videos of instruction, some very clear text on the hero's journey, an offer to sign up for their mailing list of tips of the day and a free sample you can download before even thinking about whether you want to make the $ commitment.

For the record, no, I don't get any kick-back should you decide to buy the Complete Hero's Journey.  Yes, I looked quite closely at the sample and liked what I saw, and I do have a copy of Chris Vogler's The Writer's Journey in my library which I've often referred to.

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