Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Writer, Writer, Where to Write?

To the Zoo perhaps??
Writers are an interesting bunch, and the question of where to write arises every so often in discussions. 

Now you'd think the answer to that would be an easy one, but it ain't necessarily so. 

True, I do have my own work space - my study, where most of my writing occurs and where I sit myself down daily, regardless of mood or much of anything else, to do my work. But, it can get to be the same ol, same ol, with a dash of staleness even though the view from my window is fantastic.

So, what to do?

Well, many suggest venturing far afield in search of new places to write, to allow their creations to leap from their heads (probabaly fully formed from their foreheads like the mythic god).

Personally my farthest venture afield is to take my laptop and head out into the walled patio with my dogs and the hummingbirds.  Just that much of a change really does it for me. Fresh air, sunshine, my dogs and my laptop.  I'm happy.

But, I've heard others say they work in coffee shops where there's wireless available.  Really?  Work?  All those people?  Well, I guess some can manage it, but it wouldn't work for me.  I do have to question how much writing actually gets done there, but if actual words on computer screen don't appear right then and it still spurs creativity later, then whatever works I say!

Others tell me they juggle day jobs and their writing and so end up with their notebooks or laptops on trains, planes and automobiles (the last being if they're in a carpool and don't have to drive!)

I believe them when they tell me these things, but I am amazed.  Writing in the middle of crowds or with some companion talking at you? Not to mention I, unfortunately, have a propensity for motion sickness so the aforementioned trains, planes and automobiles could have disasterous results if I tried to focus on a computer screen and write.  Airline terminal or train station, maybe - in motion, not so much.

Parks come highly recommended and there's one our city maintains that's absolutely awash in roses very soon.  It's beautiful, serene and not far away, but I have to admit when it comes right down to it, I usually hie myself outside to the courtyard garden and hang with the hummingbirds.  It saves the gas and my dogs can come along. Oh, and I can pop inside for lunch too so I don't have to take a bag lunch with me.

There are those writers who've told me that they drive a short way from home, park in a quiet location or even at the far end of a parking lot, lock the doors, push the seat back and whip out the laptop to write just to get away from the clamor at homebase to write.  If that's what it takes....

Believe it or not, one friend hangs out in a subway station to write.  Says he likes the wave of people continually going by.  From my perspective...Wow.

So, tell me, where do you prefer to write? Or where do you have to write in order to create?  Is it a simple writing space at home or do you have to go further afield to find peace and quiet or to be inspired?

I'd love to see some of your replies.

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