Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Writing Vision

The word Vision can be interpreted by different people in different ways so lets not get hung up on the word.  What I'm talking about is your Writing Vision, i.e. a specific goal. What you, as a writer want to accomplish, to do, to have in your life or what you expect your writing to become.

If you were a Doctor you might specialize in heart or lungs or brain.  If you were an Attorney you might focus on domestic law or educational law or litigation.

But you're not, you're a writer so you have two areas to focus.  You need to know where you want your career to go and you need to have a mental map for where you want each book you write to go (assuming you are writing books; if not you need to define what kind of writing you want to pursue).

Why do you need these images in your head?  The answer is simple.  It clarifies things for you and gives you direction.  It gives you a solid basis for saying "yes" or saying "no" to projects and work that comes your way. It provides a place to come back to in order to avoid getting sidetracked by other people's and yes, even your own great ideas. If you have it mapped out in your mind what's right for your career and what might not fit then you'll be able to recognize that rare opportunity when it comes along, the one that is exactly what you're working toward.

So take a few minutes to clear your mind and ask yourself some questions.

1. What kind of writing do you want to do?
    Short Stories

2. If you write books, what kind do you want to write?
    Horror/thriller like Stephen King & Dean Koontz
    Romance like Sherilynn Kenyon
    Many other types of romance

3. Want to work with a publisher - what kind?
    Top tier
    Small Press
    Into self publishing

4. Visualize your reader - Who is it?
    (no, you can't simply say everybody)

Write down what you come up with.  Keep it close to hand.  When you have a clear idea, a definitive direction you want to take your writing career in you know what conferences you might attend, what writing offers you'll accept, what agent you might approach, what publishing houses you might contact, what reference books might appeal, which other authors you should have on your reading list and a whole lot more.  The process becomes that much more simple.

And, of course, when you tackle what you expect from yourself for each book you undertake, or screenplay you write or article assignments you accept, as long as it fits your career goals you'll have plenty of wiggle room on the variety of your endeavors.

Got a book in progress?  Step back, think about it.

What category and if there is one, subcategory will this book fall into? (publishers/producers need to know this for promotion as well as for other reasons.)

Do you already have ideas for publishers or other outlets that would be interested in getting their hands on your book/script/article?

Have you thought about your audience? Who's your reader?

Seriously, write it down, and if you don't want to write it down, at least organize your thoughts.  What do you want?

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