Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Writers Writers Everywhere

Have you, as a writer yourself, given much thought to writers - who they are, what they do - the broad scope of where writers are needed and writing?

You probably immediately think of novels or perhaps short stories or maybe even screenplays when the words "writer" or "author" come to mind.

But there's a whole lot more to the writing field than fiction of one sort of another. Okay, okay, I hear the rising storm of voices coming my way, something to the effect of, "yeah, but fiction is my thing, creating stories, building worlds - I'm not into any of that other writing, boring dull stuff."


A. Not necessarily true on the boring, dull stuff evaluation

B. If you're creating but not making money writing you'll have to make it some other way until you can make enough to live on just writing stories and by the way, the odds are very high you won't get there (I don't want to depress you, but those are the facts).  

So, have you considered, instead of branching out into some field that's at odd angles to your writing goals, perhaps writing in different areas in order to supplement your income?

It's a great time for a writer to be writing. There are all sorts of places to get your writing out there and to be paid for it. Writing articles (there are tons of magazines and online sites), instruction books, advertising copy (you can get some basic training for this and some helpful books), website copy, blog posts, even tweets for people who don't have time and want to promote can provide opportunities for you to keep on writing and maybe bring in some cash doing it.

There are also other online opportunities - places that pay you a tiny percentage of profits for each view your article gets (and I do mean tiny, but it's a start).  Beware of getting caught in the 'mill' where 'employers' want to pay you $40 to write 100 articles.  They abound all over the web and you can find them at many of the 'hire a writer' sites. If you're desperate for a 'paid to write' credit, well, that's up to you, otherwise I can't imagine the number of hours you'd be required to put in for chicken feed if you were to stick with that particular outlet. I'm not giving links here because they're easy to find - just do a google search and watch them pop up. Generally I'm not impressed, but they do have their uses.

Check Craig's list online for your area or others where they're open to telecommuting. Check writer's newsletters and perhaps join LinkedIn and check out writing jobs that surface there. Most are low-pay, but occasionally the gem appears. Low pay is okay to get your foot in the door - but you do have to move up.

And don't limit yourself to the web.  Check locally.  Some business may need someone to write copy for their website, a newsletter, brochures, or short video. You could unearth a journalistic opportunity with a local newspaper or magazine. 

Stop and think for a moment, where are there no writers? We're needed everywhere.

Doesn't it just make sense to use your creativity, your imagination, to seek out opportunities that run parallel to your writing goals instead of away from them? Doesn't it make sense as well, that you, as writer, can turn your talents to creating advertising copy with punch, or brochure text with color, or a blog that keeps a reader's attention? Wouldn't you rather be crafting words, honing your writing abilities on whatever project than working in retail, an office, or some other place to support your writing?

I'm not saying this doesn't take effort of it's own and that will take away from your 'creative' writing at times, but its a great way to get your name out three as a writer, a wordsmith.

In my career I've published 16 novels, paperbacks, hardcover, audio books, Ebooks, domestically and overseas. I've optioned screen scripts in the US and internationally. 

And I've also written articles, short promotion pieces, newsletters and ghostwritten, all for pay.

Not for pay, but to help other writers, I maintain this blog and also tweet about writing contests, author interviews, quotes, tips and more.

If you become a great writing success ala J. K. Rowling you can set aside the extras, unless you enjoy some of them, and dedicate yourself to your world creating and novel writing.  

But, if you need to cultivate another source of income, consider ~ writing.

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