Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Writers and Readers Websites Wednesday - Author Susan Day's Blog
Yep, we're celebrating Author Susan Day's blog this week. She has a great site for reading and writing - and lots of stuff for kids to get them reading and writing too. Susan's also an illustrator and writes Kid's books herself so it's an all around fun site. 

Really, don't miss it, chock full of story starters, interviews, guest posts, book reviews and free activities for kids to develop reading and writing skills. A real keeper. Bookmark this one.


  1. Hi Peggy, Astro and the gang are busy getting ready for another adventure so they asked me to drop by and say Thank You for having us on your great blog. And thank you for posting a pic of Furball welding. Why is a kitten welding? Well, it's a long story but it's one of my favorite illustrations from Dogs in Space. Take care and drop over anytime.

  2. You're very welcome Susan - what a great site! Glad to have you as a guest any time.


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