Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How We Develop Our Writing Ideas

So, to develop an idea it’s become rather easy for us (I know, I know, don’t throw things at the screen if you’re in a stuck place). We’ve developed the mythology behind our heroic Eggs of Eggland and continue to add to that in discussions and individually (after which we review and determine what to keep and what to tweak). With that as our background we discuss and figure out what the current book is about in the broadest sense.

 We sat down to brainstorm for the second part of the Eruption adventure, Saving Dot, yesterday (release is set for June). We were kind of stuck, unable to come up with the overall thrust of the story so we decided to work out the first scene.  We chatted. Sometimes the world intruded and the conversation got off track talking about the upcoming election, etc. but once those thoughts were cleared, we focused on the problem at hand. What to do about our heroic Egg Sala and of course the one we were saving, our person, Dot. 
We knew how we wanted the first scene to go since it’s the second part of a two-part adventure so we began writing the scene, coming up with add-ons we sparked one from the other. That led to the second scene which we were able to block out quickly. We don’t have the rest of the story yet and it’s possible the first scene could be thrown out later, but as a starting point, it got us moving. It’s downright exciting to leap-frog one idea from another. To toss the not so good aside and, through discussion, give and take, notes scribbled and crossed out, come up with twists and turns that are fresh and at times pop in like bursting bubbles of enthusiasm. The rest of the story will come now, or it will twist back in a whole, different direction. The first two scenes are ‘stewing’ between us and when we get together on Thursday there’s no doubt we’ll each have new and expanding ideas on where this next story is going. We have the start. We have some elements. Knitting it together with forthright discussion can be bumpy, but it’s guaranteed.

What I’ve written above may not be too clear to other writers, but that, in essence is how we develop writing ideas. Hopefully it will spark something in other writers writing in teams or on their own.

Oh, and we have, in addition, established a routine. With communications so easy via Email and the net, we work together twice a week and do a lot of detail work separately, creating the illustrations for characters, researching backgrounds, uncovering new ways to get our books out there to the public eye. Getting it out there is a whole ‘nuther subject for another day. But, in the meantime if you’ve read this far and like the Planet Of The Eggs concept, check out our Facebook Page and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter --- oh, and tell your friends too! We love it when you share.

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