Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Impossibility of Publication

Here's the thing. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I'm about ready to sit down and get to work on writing more pages of my newest novel. So, I checked my email, did a bit of surfing and settled in.

Then I began ruminating on publication. Will the new book I'm working on see the light of day? Who knows? It's a giant leap of faith just to be doing it.

Hold on now some may say, you've already published multiple times and optioned screen scripts - how could you be worried about getting a book published?

Well, as Sarah Willis, an award-winning novelist said, "By the time I sold my first novel I had learned it was impossible to do so." Bright woman Sarah, amusing and right on.

The publishing industry has always been a dilly and now it's in the throes of technological evolution. My story is a bit of a long one, but suffice to say I was forced to take a break from writing for several years due to family emergencies and unless you're Stephen King or maybe Dean Koontz, or Orson Scott Card, a break like that means you begin almost from scratch when you begin to claw your way back. If you're not wholly present, people forget and I can't say it isn't the same in most businesses. So it takes times to remind them all over again.

So, my next book is out there in the vapors, being created, but its a question of where and when it might be finished and ultimately published. Meanwhile, my thoughts on the matters of writing and publishing will no doubt splash through here as I make decisions on what to write next; manuscript or screen script? Article or blog post?

Things, they've been a'changin' over the past few years. There are many new opportunities for writers at any stage of their careers. There's the steadfast publishing industry with lots of outlets as usual. Writing scripts for Hollywood or even your local advertising venue offers a lot of opportunities.

And there's also the net with many opportunities of its own in place and more evolving. There's even POD now should a writer choose that route. And while some may frown on one avenue or another the fact of the matter is, writers are becoming successful in all of them.

Meanwhile I've just received confirmation that my Ebook for writers, Out of Thin Air, is available through .

Interesting how things happen these days. Hmmm, think I'll play with the dog for a bit - he needs the break.


  1. The main thing is that you're at you're desk, you got the time, you've got the thoughts. Let the vapors swill as they may.

    Oh, and did you know that Sarah Willis is from Cleveland Heights?


  2. Thanks Jane. No I didn't know Sarah Willis was from Cleveland Heights -- 6% of separation and all that.

  3. Hi Peggy,

    Yep, I'm from Cleveland Hts--and still living here. Did you live here? I think it's a great town.


  4. Hi Sarah,

    Gotta love the web. Just quote someone and they pop up. Hope I quoted you with accuracy. I just loved it when I came across it. Never lived in Cleveland, closest I got was Indiana when I was a kid. Now out in Santa Fe. Best wishes, Sarah, with all your writing.


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