Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A short Ebook Discussion

print by Linda Hunsaker

I agree many that there are lots of advantages to EBooks. I don't see the demise of print books, nor would I want to see that on the horizon, but as an author who's been published extensively in traditional print, I welcome the arrival of Ebooks. How easy Ebook readers make it to carry many books with you when traveling and at the same time be able to download more books, magazines and other materials while on the move.

I've been interested in the emergence of Ebooks for years and contracted to have some of my original print books who's rights reverted to me, reissued as Ebooks. Some are at The Fictionworks online where I have a couple of westerns and a fantasy listed and my husband has his book Tales of Caer Alban (a book for young readers) listed. I've also created a non-fiction book, Out of Thin Air, which I distribute as an Ebook from a website Out of Thin Air is loaded, in its second half, with links to great websites for writers. And that brings us to another great feature of Ebooks - the writer can add live links to far more information than is in his or her book alone. The only downside of links in Ebooks is the obvious fact that some become outdated, links broken, etc. over time.

Perhaps one day soon we'll be able to purchase a 'book binder' kit for home use that could be used to bind books purchased as Ebooks which, for one reason or another, the purchaser would like to have in hard copy as well.

One application could be kids' books. Books and kids are a great pairing, but a physical book is better for a little kid than a reader. With a binder If the kid tears up the book, simply reprint it. (of course that's after kids books actually get on Ebook readers with their illustrations – and I see that coming).

I've purchased Ebooks online for info and for pleasure. Some I've printed, some I haven't. I'm contemplating a reader as soon as I know they have the features I need and the price point drops a bit more. At the moment I can't see spending between $250 and $300 for a reader when I just got a new laptop with all the bells and whistles for $450 - but that's me.

The future of writing, publishing and reading is approaching rapidly and I think it'll be not only interesting but fantastic.

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