Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Introducing the Prolific and Exellent Writer Rags Daniels 
Taking a blogging day here to mention a fellow writer, Rags Daniels.  Have you read any of his work? Engaging, action, suspense - you name it, Rags' books serve it up. They get five star reviews on Amazon Kindle. And Lallapaloosa is being scripted for the movies.

Mr. Daniels has had quite a life - just click on the link above and get a sampling of his history. 

Meanwhile there's also the dramatic Salford Sunrise that he's written which has also gotten a five star review. and 

Foxy Lady, ditto. Politics, intrigue and suspense.

As an emerging indie writer Mr. Daniels ranks right up there among the best.  Prolific too! Best of luck, Mr. Daniels, and do keep writing!

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