Monday, January 6, 2014

Writing And Publishing - From The Beginning

Okay all you readers and writers out there. Have you given much thought to the distance we, as human beings have covered to come to where we are with communication through the written word?


The news?


All the other reasons we put words to paper?

Yes, we’ve gone from slapping our handprints on cave walls along with crude drawings to hand-written scrolls to printing presses to computers with a few side-trips along the way. We are communicating like never before – for better or for worse. Drag your feet or dive right in. It doesn’t matter. It’s here to stay and it’s moving forward.

I came across this wonderful site, A Brief History of Publishing – In Pictures that created an infographic on the history of publishing, starting with cave paintings and ending with Amazon first reporting ebook sales outnumbering print book

Sales. Yep, if you’ve turned your back and haven’t noticed, it did happen. The digtal world is exploding.

It’s fascinating and an eye opener and I thought I’d share it with my readers. The progression is fascinating, many of the pictures amusing and educational. It’s short, but then that’s what we expect of such websites, no?

Take a look, then tell me what you think the next great step forward is going to be!

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