Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Writer’s Life – The Comic Series Planet Of The Eggs Continues

Yes, work on the Comic Series, Planet of the Eggs (written and illustrated by Peggy Bechko and Charlene Brash Sorensen), continues with the release of our second installment; Grimoire: Book of Spells 

Oh, and heads up blog readers, Grimoire will go free Nov. 25 and 26, 2015 so be sure to stop by then and download your copy.

Meanwhile we’re busy developing new characters, new looks and new story lines.  Number three, Mummified Egg is already underway. The portal has taken our Egglanders to a new land of sand, storms, wolves and other inexplicable creatures as they attempt to puzzle out what has brought them here.  But there is an evil rising, something dark and controlling. Will the brave eggs find their cause and rescue the mummified egg? What is the mystery behind the egg? Hmm, watch for it here, release is planned for mid-December. Hey, just in time for those digital holiday stocking stuffers for comic lovers of all ages.

Visit our site at for the chance to sign up for our newsletter and get the PDF of first in the series, Planet Of The Eggs – Cracked Open free.  You’ll also be signed up for our free newsletter (a not-too-frequently-published paper) that will let fans be the first to know when the next release is coming up, info about the characters, sneak peaks at new characters and teasers for the next installment. We’ll be offering giveaways, getting to know the authors, and more fun bits and pieces.

The whole project is great fun, but it’s also a tremendous amount of work. Not only do Charlene and I write the scripts and develop the mythology of the Egglanders, but we research backgrounds, create characters via any means that come to hand, blowing out egg innards, painting eggs and photographing them so we can photoshop them into valiant little beings. Many many of the background shots are photos we’ve taken on trips or around where we live. Some are gleaned from photo sites.
The egg creations are all ours. Both of us have a great time creating characters from all angles and tweaking them into existence, but Charlene has a particular gift in their creation. She has a great brain for storylines as well and my strength is in that area having published numerous novels and optioned screen scripts over past
years. We come up with dialogue and frequently I take the lead for a short time in helping to create more strength in the dialogue. We collaborate beautifully, each contributing strengths where the other isn’t as strong.  The Planet Of The Eggs continues on! Watch for Mummified Egg soon!

Then there’s the software with which to create the comics that we had to learn to use – and indeed are still learning shortcuts and work-arounds. And, since we publish right now with Amazon there’s the conversion of the completed comic to the kindle publishing format we've learned - sort of (we usually have to dink with it). And, now, we’re looking into reformatting so the comics can be put out in print format as well. More expensive than Kindle, but folks ask for print as well and we’re going to do our very best to give folks what they want. We’ve both had a crash course in Photoshop and Powerpoint as well. One heckuva learning curve.

So that’s a writer’s life, and now I guess we're illustrators as well – busy up to the eyeballs. Admittedly it’s a very fun busy and one we will keep up for the foreseeable future.

Charlene and I hope you’ll join in the ‘Eggciting’ ‘Eggventure’, give us reviews, tell us where you might want to see the Egglanders head out to next, who’s your favorite Heroic Egg or character, and what you think of Eggland.

Come on along. It’s a HOOT!

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