Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Writer's Thanksgiving

To those in the US, happy upcoming Thanksgiving. 


As a writer there’s a good and a bad side to this. Yep, I love Thanksgiving. Food Friends, relaxation, who could complain?

Well, actually I could. Here’s the thing. I’m involved in a new comic series, Planet Of The Eggs (the latest of which, Grimoire: Book of Spells, is FREE 

Nov. 25 and 26 – yep, tomorrow and Thanksgiving Day), so I have to buckle down and get the word out today. I'll be all over the web letting folks know about the freebie, so if you want to help, tell your friends, tweet, spread the word! 

Additionally, I’m going to cook (yeah, well, I volunteered), have guests coming in so must clean the house, have a novel three quarters finished and the third comic, Mummified Egg, due to release in mid Dec.  My plate’s kinda full, but figuratively and literally. 


sneak peek at Mummified Egg
That’s the thing with writers. We don’t have a regular job to go to or a time clock to punch. Many of us work much more because of that, some get kind of lazy. Ahem, but we’re not here to talk about them.

It's the desert, what did you expect?

Nope, it’s a ‘me’ day here at my blog, all about me and my own personally set demands upon myself. So here I sit, writing for my blog – with a guest blog that needs doing as well, and waiting for a great writer friend to send back the questions I asked for her interview as she has a new book releasing soon as well. (I’ll be blogging about that soon).

And I’m thinking about the cooking and cleaning I have to squeeze in as well, tonight and tomorrow night and of course Thursday morning. Thank heavens I have a husband to lends a hand. He’ll be doing the turkey and helping me peel and cut the apples for the pie, assisting in the clean-up and other details.

But he can’t help with the work I need to do on the new comic in the Planet Of The Eggs series my writing/creating partner, Charlene Brash Sorensen and I are hard at work on. We have to give thought to the cover as we’re so close to thinking of the upcoming release. A few more pages of the book itself to finish, then edit. Thanksgiving comes at an awkward time for us :-0  But, we’re both good soldiers, so onward and upward! 

The fantastic news is that the first in our comic series, Planet Of The Eggs: Cracked Open, has gotten 5 star reviews on Amazon and Grimoire: Book Of Spells a 4 star; you know, the freebie for two days, go take a look.  Of course we’re always looking for more honest reviews, so feel free to jump right in, grab that free copy I mentioned above and let us know what you think.  Comment here and/or leave a review on Amazon. And don’t forget we have a page on facebook as well and we love people to like it. 

Enjoy that Thanksgiving feast. 

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