Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Writers And Readers Websites Wednesday - a Book Trailer that's Not

Book trailers are fun and I watch a number of them.

This site though is a just for fun book trailer - that isn't really a trailer - wouldn't you want to read The Seven Year Bitch after seeing this?

Go ahead, Reader, Writer, check it out and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Write With Intensity
There’s a lot of psychology and emotion that goes into great writing.

Emotion is something we all deal with every day and not all of our emotions are easy to deal with. There are all sorts of ways people use to deal with emotions, to cope with the fall-out and generally claw their way through no matter what.

What’s that got to do with writing? Really, you need to ask?

Lots. The way your characters deal with the emotions resulting from the tasks, tragedies and motives they’re given maximizes the vital conflict and resulting tension in your novel.

Think about everyday life. It’s not very often simple or direct. One friend takes out his or her anger on another not associated with the source of that anger. Some hapless soul becomes the target of that anger, someone who’s a convenient or easier target than the one who caused it. Complicated, huh? And just think it applies to pretty much all emotions. Think of guilt, love, fear, doubt and the whole host of other emotions that we try to tame every day.

The transference of these intense emotions can be at the root of your character. Once you’ve established how that character manages emotions you have free rein. You can use that tension, those reactions to reveal internal beliefs and the character’s view of the world in general. You can create drama. You can let your reader in on the interior reasons for that character’s determination to transfer those emotions to another (while the other characters in the story haven’t a clue), like blowing up at one person when angry with another or with life in general. That can throw open the door to irony, even humor when handled right. And you have the golden opportunity for escalating tension, one anger feeding another, as your story moves forward.

How about love? What if a character gives love, misplaced, is rejected and goes on a killing spree? I think we’ve all seen similar plots. What if a husband, after losing his job, comes home to find his wife embracing his best friend? Though it’s innocent enough it triggers a frustrated homicidal rage and the husband begins to plot a murder that will include his best friend and his wife.

If you, as the writer, keep your characters hopping, give one no time to recover from some traumatic event, it’s easy to see how without time to recover his balance a character might take out whatever keyed-up emotion inside on the next friend or family member who makes the smallest miss-step.
In real life emotions aren’t neatly contained, but spill over into every area of life. You can use that in story creation. If you know your characters well you’ll see the opportunities at every turn.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Writers and Readers Websites Wednesday - Free Books!

Looking for a source for some free Ebooks for your Kindle? You might want to check out MemoWare.  They'e offering free Ebooks in Literature (lots of subcategories) and Reference (also lots of categories). There are some old 'classics' such as Darwin's Origin of Species, but lots of newer stuff as well. 

Worth exploring! A way to add more reading material to that which you already purchase.

Spread your limbs!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What Makes Reading Sexy?

NYC Book Club Goes Topless 'To Make Reading Sexy,' Succeeds

May 5, 2014

(yes there are photos at the article site so be aware)

sponsored by the New York City Bookclub: The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society


What?  Oh, come on, really?  I find this concept a bit strange. I don’t care if women go topless or nude for that matter – and do it while they’re reading – but seriously, does this really make reading sexy? 

Come on readers – tell the truth, does this concept/idea/implementation make reading seem more sexy to you?  Or is it just a distraction? Nudity doesn’t offend me nor does it titillate me (unless it’s with the right person in the right place), but putting it in this context is just a strange idea. Who comes up with these ideas and comes up with these connections?

Instead of getting all exited over bare breasts take a moment to think about this whole idea. Is this supposed to attract more people to reading? Really? So you’re telling me if a young boy sees a good-looking young woman reading topless he’s going to think, “gee! I have to read that book!”? You think so, huh?

According to the headline it ‘succeeds’. How? Why? In what way? Is it getting people to read? Is it giving them a good chuckle? If I’m totally missing something here maybe you all need to comment and set me straight.

I’m a writer and I enjoy talking about writing and reading and their association but I have to admit this one throws me off, confusion-wise.   

They’re reading, great! 

Reading by anyone any time for any reason is great!

They’re topless; really, why is that a big deal?

I have to wonder if the whole point isn’t the opposite of what it’s purported to be. Could it be perhaps that folks who enjoy going topless and doing it in public like to use the guise of reading to give their public nudity a greater ‘air of respectability’ (not that one is needed)? Are they insecure?  Is reading simply being used? Or do they sincerely believe they're promoting reading? I don’t know. I couldn’t begin to tell you.

Perhaps I should leave it to you, my readers, to figure this one out and give some feedback. Forget all the ‘moral arguments’ regarding nudity whether you’re ‘for’ or ‘against’. Plainly it’s legal in NYC. As to the moral, ah, whatever your personal feelings are. That isn’t the issue here.

But, does someone seeing someone else reading a book topless make reading sexy? (And I want to note here that the law in NYC allows for men and women to go topless - so the 'sexy' thing applies to either one though the pics only show women). And, by extension, make that person want to read himself? Does seeing someone read topless make someone else want to do the same? And by the way exactly what does 'reading being sexy' mean? What do you think?

And I have to ask the question, why does reading need to be sexy? What’s the matter with fun, engrossing, delightful, relaxing, sweep you away to another world, entertaining, educational….well all that and more? Does everything in life now have to have a ‘sexy’ edge? I'm not saying that's bad or good, just the question - does it?

I’m a writer. I love reading ~ and writing. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe this should be stopped or repressed in any way. I’m just confused at the connection. 

It's all in good fun and as I say, reading is great - any time, any where, any how. 

Dying to hear all opinions.

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