Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A Writer's Update

It’s been a busy few months here in my office, and the result is I haven’t had time to add much to the blog.

So it’s time for an update.

Work continues on the Medicare Wars series of books to focus folks’ understand of Medicare. Two have published, the third is on the way and three more after that. The idea is to create pamphlets to provide bite-sized information to everyone interested in Medicare as it is, it’s history, it’s future and the concept of ‘Medicare for Everyone.”  With my partner, we provide solid information and direction on how to apply, what people should expect and the pitfalls all around us.   Good news is the first in the series, Medicare Wars: A Radical New Approach, Lear, Fight Win, will be FREE July 4 through 8.  

Grab your copy, spread the word Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page at Tell your friends about that site as well. We love visitors and welcome questions. We also get very excited about honest reviews so please do post one at Amazon, Goodreads, wherever you talk about books.

In addition to the Medicare Wars series, we’re just about to publish the sixth Comic in the Chronical of the Eggs series, Planet of The Eggs: Worlds Collide. Do check out the series starting with the first comic, Planet Of The Eggs – Cracked Open at and don’t forget the Facebook Fanpage  as well at and the great review of another in the series “Eruption” at Readers’ Favorites The sixth adventure completes the first volume, but there will be more! Visit, like the page and watch for what’s coming next

And don’t forget the first installment of our kid’s Read To Me books, Look At Me, Look At You!

Have a great summer and we’ll just keep on writing and illustrating!

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