Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Medicare Wars Pamphlet 1 is FREE July 4-8

Whew, I hardly get one project under control and another pops up!  Sort of like whack-a-mole, but in a good way.

Medicare Wars, Pamphlet 1, A Radical New Approach – learn, Fight, Win! Is FREE on Amazon July 4 – 8!  Grab it for yourself, pass on the info to family and friends. You’re never too young or too old to learn about Medicare and there's lots younger people should know before advocating for “Medicare for Everyone” Single Payer is much more desirable.

But, while we have it, learn what makes it tick. How it’s funded. How you pay for it all your working life, how it is, in truth, an Earned Benefit -- and those are not dirty words.  Learn a bit about the history of how it came into being, how it’s been twisted with the arrival of insurance companies in the middle of its administration, how the recipient can get the most out of what is available and how few of those oft-touted “choices” people really have.

That’s the biggie for now – the first Pamphlet is the series is FREE now. Don’t wait.  Grab it. 

Meanwhile, Pamphlet 2, Stuff You Wish You Knew is also available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions and Pamphlet 3 will be available shortly.

On other fronts, work continues on the sixth Comic adventure in the Planet Of The Eggs series, a double-edition which will cap off the first volume of the Eggs’ adventures.

Beyond that, I continue to work with producers on the production of a fun horror script. We’ll see how that unfolds.  

And, on the back-burner lingers my newest Romance Novel, tentatively titled “Serpent’s Tail”, which is calling to me. 

Have a wonderful 4th and don’t forget to get that free copy of Medicare Wars and tell your friends. 

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