Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Writer's Thoughts

And at the moment they are few, scattered, and someone unconnected.  I don't mean to harp on this recovery thing, but truth of the matter is it's taking longer than I first anticipated.  I'm normally a quick healer, but this has been the deepest pit from hell.  Appendectomies are not fun, infections less so, and antibiotics make everything taste really, really bad.

So, as I'm wont to do, I've been having a conversation with myself. 

"So, self, how're we doing?  How do we feel?"

"Pretty much like crap -- go away."

"Can't, we're together through thick and thin, like it or not."

"Hmmm, okay, then, shut up."

"Nope.  Brain is a pretty busy place during this trying time.  Thoughts churning, memories regenerating, apprehensions flying past."

"Okay, so why're we having this conversation then?"

"Well, one reason is I've come to the conclusion that I'm glad I planned for an event such as this - at least a little bit - and want to pass my sage wisdom on.   If you're a writer, freelance, you need to accept that there will be times when you won't have work or can't work and you must have a fall-back.  I've made it a policy to put aside a small percentage of every writing check I receive, no matter how small, in a separate savings account to be used at such times.  An emergency fund."

"Well, pat you on the back," self replied.

"Actually, yes," I shot back, "at least I'm not panicking on the monetary front.  We'll have to wait and see how much the insurance company wants to 'deny' or rip me off for before I can really applaud, but for the moment I'm not in a bad place - and I haven't been able to work for about 3 1/2 weeks. 

"Okay," Self admits, "so at least you took the sting out of that one."

" Exactly.  It's sort of like taxing yourself.  5%, 10%, it doesn't matter what you take from your earnings for your fund, it adds up if you always take it first and don't touch it unless an emergency pops up.  Then, joy of joys, it's there when you need it."

"Okay, so are you done now, can I go back to sleep?"

"Sure, why not, time for a bit of rest.  Soon there'll be another helpful writing post."

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