Monday, November 14, 2011

Introverted Writers Unite!

Seriously, writers, have you thought of how lucky us introverted types are to be writing in this age of the net?  There was the day when publishers very much preferred the author who as an extrovert.  One who got out there, hit the road, promoted his or her work with book signings, school visits, talks and more.  Writers who would get their faces out there and make of themselves, celebrities.  After all, it doesn't take a whole lot of work to promote when the writer already has a following, a 'brand' and a fan club. 

Can't blame them for that, really, they want to sell books.  Writers on the other hand just want to be left alone, emphasis on 'alone', to write their books.

So, the idea of going out, doing radio interviews, appearing on television and book signings doesn't cut it with most writers who are, at heart, introverts. 

But things are changing.  Us introverted writers have to open our eyes and realize ant those things are not the only ways to promote - or these days even the most effective ways to promote your books.  Us introverts have suddenly become much more valuable and at the same time have many more choices open to us. 

Yep, today, folks aren't reading print so much as they're online. There's a whole lot of reading going on, but it isn't the printed page. These days the writer can stay at home, write and promote.

Just think about it.  Amazon offers the opportunity for reviews by readers.  Book bloggers review as well, and the right blogger can be mighty influential.

Today, writers can send out review copies in Ebook format or in  hard copy. They can draft news releases, create their own blogs, mention their books in their Email signatures, Tweet, put up a Facebook page and much more.  Social media is the way to go, the way to say hi to your readers, get your face out there, and never leave home.

Ah, the new age for the new writer. Social media is where the readers, the buyers are and the introvert writers likes to spend time online, meet their readers and make new friends. 

Now tell me who's valuable?

 **note to my readers - this blog is posted a bit early as my office is about to be torn up for some construction...I think/hope I'll be able to post as usual next week though I may miss a Writers Wednesday Post this week.

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