Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Writers & Readers Websites Wednesday - Author M Pax's Website

Readers and writers alike, you'll really enjoy M. Pax's website.  She's quite the Science Fiction writer.  I read Semper Audacia ( .99) and loved it, also the first installment of Backworlds (free). Enjoy her Backworlds trailer, visit her blog, hang with M Pax and her reader and writer friends. Very nice site, well kept and informative. 


  1. I love M Pax's fiction too. And hey, what is that picture? That's very cool.

  2. May M Pax's fan base continue to grow! The photo is of a totem I ran across in the DC zoo years back. Hey, glad you noticed! I gave me all sorts of fun images to think about.


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