Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Writers And Readers Websites Wednesday - The website of Writer M Pax

Blame Oregon! It brings us writer of fantastic realms, M Pax. Her website brings us updates on her writing endeavors, offers a blog and is gearing up now for the annual Realms Faire. This prolific writer offers a newsletter and yes, I've been hooked by her two novel series, The Backworlds,

 . First book in each series is free on Amazon. But don't stop there! The series will hook you with the imaginative and creative writing of the author. She writes of fascinating worlds and other realities. I'm on to The Initiate in the Rifter series and looking forward to the third.

Take a little time, check it all out!  Visit her site today and don't forget to come back and tell everyone here how much you enjoyed the venture into other realms...


  1. You're welcome - really enjoying The Initiate - Rifters #2 - looking forward to #3 --


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