Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween for Writers and Readers

Let’s face it, Halloween has gone way beyond horror and scary, though there’s still a lot of that. I mean look around.  How many Star Wars characters do you see? Princesses? Disney characters, not to mention people using their own imaginations to come up with get-ups like the forest floor and egg beater (I leave the last to your imagination).

Seriously. So, I thought for this post I’d thought I’d spread the net wide.

How so?  Well, how about a site with Halloween prompts for the Writers out there? 



 (click on the pics for the links)

In West Hollywood CA?  Check out the annual Halloween Carnaval. 

Maybe you just want to kick back and read a bit.  Grab a good book and hunker down with a bowl of popcorn or candy corn at your side. If that’s the case check out a couple of authors that might be right up your alley.

Mary Pax, aka, M Pax in the Sci Fi book universe, has a great steampunk series out, The Rifters. The first one is permanently free on Amazon. She’s an excellent writer and the series sucks you in.  There’s a book two, The Initiate and a book three to release soon.  Watch here for info on that. I'll have an interview and a heads up.  And go ghost town hunting with her. 

Another great writer to consider for this scary/fun season is Robbie Cox and his book Reaping The Harvest. Gargoyles, fun and lots of action. 

There also Michael Eging’s Annwyn’s Blood for a sort of a horror fantasy. 

Or maybe you’re going to spend some time with kids and want to read with them or maybe give them a few pages to color  - then check out reading with kids’ offerings.

 That’s it for this round. Have a fun and safe Halloween.

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