Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Four Things Learned While Indie Publishing
It's interesting how much one learns when undertaking Independent Publishing and we have a fourth in our Planet Of The Eggs Series just released, ERUPTION! It’s the first part of a two part adventure within the series and we’re excited and proud to see it launch. Adventure and the battle between good and evil time jumps to the Jurassic period and the T Rex isn’t friendly!
So what have I learned, aside from how much fun we’re having?

Well, one is patience. Life has a way of teaching us that, but Indie publishing does even more so. Don’t rush, don’t push. Let it get finished in its own time. That doesn’t mean sit back and do nothing. As writing partners Charlene Brash Sorensen and I work every day whether together or apart. But the key is realizing if there is knot that needs untying, take the time to do it right. Slow down.

Second is pay attention to detail! That’s one thing that will slow you down if you do it right. Ours happens to be a comic book series and not a novel or short story or script, but the same applies to all. Heck, it applies to life most of the time. But back to the comic books. When we create there are dozens of small elements that come together. Since our method is one of creating pictures from bits and pieces there are plenty of details to be remembered. With two of us creating and editing and reviewing we do have an easier time than some in catching each others’ gaffs.

Third, be appreciative and don’t forget to thank those who lend a hand. Yep, another of life’s lessons that come along when publishing indie. There are lots of folks out there who mention our comic books individually and the series. We do our best to thank them all personally and to lend them a hand as well. It’s the way things should be, right? And yet, so many times it can be forgotten or overlooked.  

And fourth, imagination is amazing. Really. Be sure to let yours go, no matter what direction you might apply it. You don’t have to be a writer or artist to have a wonderful imagination and enjoy it. We all have it in us. It’s true. Decorating a house, making something from popsicle sticks, finding a new and exciting solution to a problem at work. It’s all imagination and it’s great fun. Play with it. Keep it rolling. Doesn’t matter what someone may think, it’s YOURS.
And now on to our next adventure on Planet Of The Eggs – the second part to the two-parter, Eruption, tentatively titled Saving Dot. We’ll be learning a lot more for sure and I’ll keep you posted.

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