Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Writers and Readers Do you do Pinterest & Live on Social Media?

Are you addicted – or not? 

If you visit Pinterest frequently, on a scale of 1 to OMG I’ve gotta stop, where do you fall?

I admit I enjoy Pinterest and I visit, but only on a ‘I have the time’ basis.  And when I do I enjoy sharing other people’s pins as well as adding some of my own such as these:

Along with a whole assortment of other pins having to do with trees, dragons, books, authors and other loves. Go ahead, visit my Pinterest page.

Social media of all types can be great fun, but they can also be a time-sucking monster. I’m a great proponent of ‘everything in moderation’. Since I’m a working writer I can’t let myself spend the whole day at the computer checking out interesting/cute/inspiring pictures with equally catchy captions.

So, what do I do? What I do makes my time on social media such as Pinterest, twitter, Facebook and others unpredictable. I have no particular time I can dedicate to those areas. I pretty much pop in whenever the time and spirit allow. Sometimes it’s between projects for a few minutes. Other times it’s in the evening after dinner and chores when I can spend a little longer perusing what’s new and adding some of my own.  It might be a weekend with a bit of spare time not writing or joining friends. Or I might just be taking a break from working. Another great time to enjoy social media is when I’m traveling…providing I can get a good WiFi connection.

And that’s why I have so many books loaded on my Kindle – I never know if that connection will exist and I love the Kindles and tablets for allowing us to have more than one kind of media close at hand. Music, books, magazines, pdf documents, videos and web access all crammed into one convenient package. Seriously, if you commute (and don’t have to do the driving yourself), what a great addition to our lives have been these amazing electronic devices.

Yep, mildly addicted to Pinterest, but addicted to so much more these devices offer.

Tell me, are you addicted to Pinterest? How addicted -- is it your ‘go to’ when looking for distraction and fascinating material? Or some other social media?

Share below your favorites and don’t forget to include links to your twitter, facebook, linkedin, pinterest…. Whatever social media you enjoy. And if you're into Facebook - head on over to our Planet Of The Eggs page at and join the group & get the newsletter with the Sign Up button at the top. 

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