Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Email nightmares

It's true, I'm a writer, and as such I admit I'm not much of a techie. When my email began to fail (it would receive, but not send) I got into a bit of a panic. How to resolve this? What to do? I fought with it for several days, had not clue as to what all that stuff means in the 'receiving' and 'sending' section of email info. And I was getting worried. Folks were writing to me, expecting an answer but I didn't know what had gone out and what hadn't.

So, between throwing things and swearing I began to talk to my friends online and low and behold one came up with that turned out to be the answer for me. Sea Monkey.

Uh, yeah, Sea Monkey. You can check it out here:
Combines web and Email. Very convenient. Works very well. Actually does send out the email I need to have gone - and it was easy to setup. Amazing. Crisis is over.

Now, back to writing which is what I do much better than battling technology.

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