Thursday, August 6, 2009

Free Award Winning Short Story.

First, as promised in my title for this post, I have a short story to share with you. Titled "Skykicker" it's garnered a couple of awards over the past couple of years. Click on the title and you can go on over. The preview button will open it right up for you. Hope you enjoy.

Looks like I've edged past my rough spot in my newest novel. I'm not moving forward as fast as I'd like, but I am moving forward again. Meanwhile, to feed the procrastination monster a bit I've tweaked my homepage.

Then back to writing like a good serious writer. And speaking of which, have you stumbled across this great article from the UK about a most prolific book borrower? A wonderful inspiration to writers across the world.
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Meanwhile interest in my Ebook, Out of Thin Air, holds steady. I've gotten some really nice comments on it and am pleased. Thanks to the folks who have taken the time to comment.

And I can't get back to work without mentioning a fun site for writers. Can you tell your story in 6 words? Check out Six-Word Memoirs and find out how well you can do.

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