Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday's Writer's Schitzophrenic Blues

Well, it's Monday and I'm definitely of two minds. I picked up a bug over the weekend and don't feel like doing much ---

On the other hand, I feel like dancing. Go figure. Well, whatever my state, here're my thoughts.

It occurred to me over the weekend that many writers try to think of their project as one whole big enchilada (forgive the comparison but I live in the southwest).

Truth be told, it's usually best to think in small increments. Some can pull off the "whole enchilada" thing, but not a whole lot. An entire book can slip away from you if you lose energy in the middle while trying to keep your eye on the entire prize.

You can accomplish huge things in very small amounts of time. Novels have been written during lunch hours while holding down full time jobs. It's a little trick. Committing to short bursts of time, five, ten or fifteen minutes at a shot - not the many hours it takes to complete a book. And the good news is if you can trick yourself into writing even those few minutes, frequently a larger flow will follow.

So, if you find you're always putting off writing, always have a reason why you can't do it NOW, try the short term commitment, devise one that's right for you and carry through. You'll be amazed how much you an accomplish.

1 comment:

  1. I think that advice goes for nearly any pursuit! Everything from creative pursuits to getting the dishes done after a too-large and exceptionally boozy party the night before.


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