Monday, September 7, 2009

A Writer's Holiday

Well, I didn't write on Saturday, Sunday, or today, Monday, the official 'Labor Day Weekend'. It's rare I do such a thing, being an obsessive writer and all, but I and my'self' had another conversation early on in the weekend. I do that occasionally as evidenced by another earlier blog post.

So I began the labor day weekend with every intention of working - at least off and on, if not on an actual streak. Figured it would depend on how much of a roll I got on, if I was fortunate enough to have that happen.

Then, on Saturday, early in the morning the conversation began.

"All right, I said to my'self', lots to do, lots of time, ready to rock 'n roll."

"Ah...not so much," self replied. "It's a holiday weekend. Remember, husband has time off and we have stuff to do."

"Well, writing comes first."

"Most times, yes, not this weekend."

"Why not THIS weekend?"


"We make our own holidays."

"Yep, and this is one of them."

"But I hoped to get a whole lot accomplished this weekend."

"Anything that can't wait?" Self asked.

"Well, no...I have notes and my personal work schedule set up."

"Would a day or two matter?"

"ummm, no, I guess not. Only deadline is one I set myself."

"Then this is one time you need to power back a bit and give yourself - and your husband - a break."

"You've got a point," I said to my'self'. "Okay, so this is the opposite of the day I simply felt like playing hookey."

"Yep," this is a matter of priorities. Writing is important, it's actually imperative, but sometimes you need to give it a rest." My'self' invoked the voice of reason.

"Hmmm, okay, check email, maybe twitter, then I'm done."

"Good choice," My'self' confirmed.



Moral of the story? Writing is great, writing is hugely important to me, but unless I'm under the gun, unless I'm on deadline I have to find a balance to my life. That means power back once in a while. It's something every writer, everyone who works for him or herself, needs to think about and occaisonally take a deep breath.

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  1. Yes, that applies to me! But how to convince myself? And the bank account... ;)


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