Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Readers and Writers Websites Wednesday

Got a lot of reading to do? Aware of the demise of Google Reader?  Need a replacement - hopefully free?   

Check out CNet's 5 Worthy Alternatives. For you RSS feed folks losing Google Reader you might find the answer here.


  1. I've tried a couple of replacements since the announcement and have homed in on Feedly.

    The good: Does everything Google Reader does/did and can be made to look much, um, prettier.

    The bad: Doesn't do it quite the same way as Reader so I still get confused at times, especially with the on-again-off-again automatic marking of what you've read. (In other words, it's not so automatic.)

    Oh, Google, why hast thou abandoned us?

  2. Thanks for the comment - very helpful

  3. I went with Feedly. That's how I got here... love it. It does take some adjusting.

  4. Another vote for Freedly - the winner so far. Thanks.


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