Tuesday, July 28, 2015

They're Coming - It's the Eggs!

Last week's blog was skipped because I've been so immersed in my latest project. Planet Of The Eggs - Cracked Open

I'll be sharing a cover here very shortly, but until then, let me tell you a bit about the project. 
I've teamed up with writer and illustrator Charlene Brash-Sorensen and we've come up with a pretty exciting new comic series that will launch soon.

Out of the mists of time on a world so very far away and so very different from our own a band of orphan eggs have been brought together by the Prophecy of the six. Encouraged by their guide and teacher Eight Hooter, Twilight, Nightfist, Smudge, Skink, Cyrus and Sala are awakened to a world at first beyond their comprehension, then rally to the cause. 

In a world of mystics and magic, danger and betrayal the six orphan eggs embrace their destiny.
The series will launch shortly! Watch for it! And visit our Planet of the Eggs Facebook fan page to see what's coming next and give us a like. Keep watching, it's getting exciting!

And check out our Planet of the Eggs shop at Skreened

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