Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Writers Websites Wednesday - Dropbox

As writers we write a lot of stuff. We also have things we want to protect like photos, scanned contracts & more.  So what do we do if the computer crashes and takes everything with it?  Cry? 

Before that happens you might check out Dropbox.  This is a little tour to give you the scoop on what it's all about - online storage, but more. You can share, sync up with phones, etc. Basic is free, but if you need more space you can earn it by referring others to their site or purchasing more space.  Worth a look.


  1. I left Dropbox because of the fact that they can go into your files at any time and utilize the information in it. It was in their TOS about a year ago, when I finally left them. They could have changed that by now, but I haven't gone back to check.

  2. Thanks for that heads up, Annikka - definitely worth checking into if considering Dropbox


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