Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Writers Websites Wednesday - Editing Help

Auto Crit Editing Wizard is this week's Writer's Websites Wednesday post. This is a great  help for all writers and especially new ones.  Yes, I want to say up front I am an affiliate, however, I've used this editing software and what a  help it is for improving your writing. It picks out often repeated words to bring to your attention, points out cliches and redundancies, makes you aware of slow pacing and dialog tags. It really does bring things to the writer's attention that need to be addressed, then it's up to you as the writer to decide on the fixes. An excellent way to get through that first edit.

And, here's the great part there are a variety of memberships available and one of them is free.  It's a great way to test drive or to just use that as your editor help.  If you chose a higher membership there is a yearly fee. 

Definitely gives the writer a boost.  Try it, you'll like it.

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