Thursday, May 3, 2012

Writers Websites Wednesday - Writers Cafe

Yes, yes, I know, it's actually Thursday an I missed a post last week, but well, I was on vacation - away from computers and electronics.  A very good break to take now and again. 

So, for the  one day belated post this week I offer Writer's Cafe. It offers publisher information for submissions, free writing classes, agent info, writing contests, and more.  Wander around, check it out, see what you think. I believe you'll find some good stuff here.


  1. Ok, I signed up in Writers Cafe; do you have any idea of when I will be going on my book tour? I just need to make plans ahead of time if you know what I mean...........

  2. If Bill Dorman is signing up, then I am, too!

    1. Now the party can get started........hi Brian...

  3. Party? I'd love a party -- so when does the book tour start? Hey, you'll have to knit this thing together -- Hope the site is very helpful for you...

  4. Hi Brian, thanks for following the blog and commenting. Visited yours as well. Good writing!


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